Positive Feedback reviews the QKORE

Nordost is happy to share yet another glowing review of our QKORE Ground Units. In this review, Positive Feedback’s Marshall Nack introduced QKORE to his system to find that it straightened out frequency balance, gained body and density in his system’s low end, and exposed a variety of accents and dynamic markings in his music. In fact, the sonic improvements that Marshall achieved in adding the QKORE to his system exceeded his expectations: 

“In advance of installing the QKORE Ground Units, I had imagined what such a product might accomplish. Those daydreams were prophetic—the only surprise was how significant it turned out to be…  it did more to improve my sound than any alternative I can think of at that price.” – Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback. 

You can read Marshall’s review in its entirety here, or check out more great reviews on our reviews page!

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