Positive Feedback Reviews the QNET Network Switch

We are pleased to share yet another great QNET review, published last month by Positive Feedback. Marshall Nack, who has been working his way through the Nordost QRT product line, couldn’t wait to get his hands on our new ethernet switch. In his review, Marshall almost couldn’t believe the impact that the QNET had on his system, “…it was clearly a move forward with small improvements across the board, and one major shift. The transformation of soundstage depth was extraordinary, as flat space became deep. The impression of 3D was so great it caused me to question, could this could be an artifact?”. However, after listening to track after track, he was assured that it was not an artifact at all, just clear improvement.

“When Nordost released their QNET Ethernet Switch, I was immediately interested. I suspected it would impact the sound in similar ways as their QSOURCE Linear Power Supply, and heard it do exactly that. Both components are particularly good at resolving atmosphere, low-level detail, and timbral finesse. The QNET is amazing at reproducing space and dimension…using them in tandem brings you better sound. ” – Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

You can now see Marshall’s QNET Review on the Reviews Page of the Nordost website, or read it in its entirety here: Nordost QNET Ethernet Switch

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