Questions & Answers: QBASE Mark III

The QBASE was first released to the audio world in 2009. Almost 15 years and two iterations later, the QBASE is still as sought after as when it was launched. However, over those 15 years, much has been improved. The QBASE Mark III made its debut at AXPONA this past spring, and a new version brings new questions. We decided to address some of the most asked questions we have been receiving here, so you can find your answers in one place! 

Q: What’s the difference between the QBASE Mark II and Mark III?

A: Both the QBASE Mark II and Mark III are passive, distribution blocks that use Star Earth topology to address the conflicting flows of signal and ground paths which create noise. However, there have been several upgrades and changes to the QBASE Mark III which have had a massive impact on its audible performance, which are as follows: 

  • Newly designed, dual PC-board 
  • Increased separation of all ground connections from the line and neutral traces
  • Minimized interference/crosstalk between live/neutral and ground currents 
  • Enhanced trace sizes to maximize current flow 
  • Revised resistance sink to add protection and effectively damp eddy currents

Q: Do certain components benefit from being plugged into specific outlets on the QBASE Mark III? 

A: Like with the QBASE Mark II, all outlets on the QBASE Mark III are identical, except for the outlet labeled Primary Earth. To get the best results from any QBASE, you should plug whichever component has the most connections to it into the Primary Earth outlet. In many systems, this is either the preamp or the integrated amp. However, in digitally run systems, you should plug whichever device your volume is featured on into primary earth. 

Q: What sonic improvements can you expect from the QBASE Mark III? 

A: The QBASE Mark III offers a big step up in performance over the QBASE Mark II. Some sonic improvements you can expect are: 

  • A much quieter background
  • Improved instrument and vocal separation
  • Improved 3D imaging 
  • Longer decays and extension 
  • A pronounced sense of effortlessness and calm
  • More power behind the sound 

Q: Can you still use the QRT Stand Mount with the QBASE Mark III? 

A: Yes, the QBASE Mark III is still compatible with the QRT Stand Mount, which not only helps with the stability of the product (especially when it’s being used with heavier, reference-level audio cables), but also allows for easy support with Sort Kones. Using the QBASE with Sort Kones essentially wicks it of all internal vibrations, making a massive audible improvement. 

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