GY8 Reviews the QBASE Mark III AC Distribution Unit

Since the launch of our new QBASE Mark III AC Distribution Unit, we have been inundated with positive feedback from our retailers and customers; so we are excited to share the first official QB8 MK III review. After using the QBASE Mark III at the High End show in Munich, Roy Gregory was excited to take it home to experiment further in his home system. He has since determined that the newest iteration of the QB8 remains “in the front rank of audiophile distribution blocks”, so I think it’s safe to say he was pleased with the results as well. 

In the listening comparisons that Roy conducted with both the new and old QBASE units, he found several “clear musical and sonic advantages” to the Mark III, including “increased presence from a crisper and more clearly defined sound-stage” and an ability for the music to breathe and really express emotion. 

“The latest QB8 should open the window on your recordings wider than ever before, not least because its benefits spread across every component in your system, allowing every single one to work better.” – Roy Gregory, Gy8

You can now find Roy’s review on the Reviews Page of the Nordost website, or read it in its entirety here: STAR QUALITY – THE NORDOST QB8 MK. III DISTRIBUTION BLOCK

2 thoughts on “GY8 Reviews the QBASE Mark III AC Distribution Unit

  1. Please can you tell me if the fuse is really necessary? It seems to be a weak link.
    I live in England, so the block is protected by the fuse in the plug at the wall.

    • We feel that the fuse is a necessary aspect of the unit based on how surges occur. We build these for global use so it is a part of the design and necessary for it to operate. But even in the case of a preceding protection circuit, a fuse should help ensure that your equipment doesn’t get damaged, which is important.

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