Suave Kajko reviews Tyr 2 and QRT for Canada HiFi


Last month Nordost’s cables and QRT products were featured on Canada HiFi Online. In his newest review, Outfitting an Audio System with Nordost’s Norse 2 Tyr 2 Cables and QRT QBASE Power Distribution, Suave Kajko takes his readers through the step-by-step process of upgrading his system, as he transitions from Leif to Norse 2.

“The QBASE QB8 power distribution box along with the Tyr 2 power cords offered a staggering performance upgrade… They presented a clean, quiet foundation for the system, allowing each and every audio component to achieve its full potential.  The performance uplift was transformational, in some cases approaching what you would expect from upgrading some of the components.  Putting the Tyr 2 interconnects and speaker cables into play, further enriched the performance of the system, raising the performance bar of both my systems to the highest level I have yet experienced.”

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