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In addition to producing stellar American-made hifi audio cables, Nordost also produces an acclaimed range of Resonance Control Devices.  Nordost’s Sort System includes the Sort Füt and four varieties of Sort Kones. Unlike isolation “points”, these mechanically tuned resonance control devices not only prevent external vibrations from impacting the sound quality of your audio components, but act as a mechanical diodes, allowing a one-way exit point for the vibrations being generated by the components themselves. For more on the difference between resonance control and isolation devices CLICK HERE

Nordost has always done a spectacular job demonstrating the efficacy of these devices on components, speakers, audio racks and even power products at trade shows and industry events and over the years reviewers and industry leaders have taken notice of these Sort Kone and Füt Units. The December issue of The Absolute Sound recently published an article entitled “New Methods for Quantifying Sonic Performance”. In Part two of the article, “How to Use Subjective and Objective Methods to Quantify System Performance”, authors Charles Zellig and Jay Clawson made a comparison of several cones and were quite taken with the Sort Kone. When describing the effects of the Nordost Titanium/Ceramic Sort Kone they wrote:

An emotional threshold was crossed with involuntary toe-tapping and singing along with the music, greater clarity, vocal articulation, harmonic detail and overtone structure, ambiance retrieval, stage width, and focus of soloist, choir, instruments consistent over 7 different high resolution recordings…

You can now read the section “Cones, Cones and More Cones—Mechanical Decoupling and Vibration Control” on the Nordost Reviews page here:

New Methods for Quantifying Sonic Performance

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