VuMetre Reviews Heimdall 2 and the QBASE Mark III

We are excited to share a great new review that focuses on our QBASE Mark III and Heimdall 2 cables, published in VuMetre and written in both English and French, by reviewer Vincent Guillemin.  In it, Guillemin talks about the direct benefits that both Nordost’s power supply and cabling have had on his set-up, calling it, in a word, “impressive”. 

Guillemin says it’s “as if the speakers had changed color, in addition to having modified their drivers to better color the timbres.” 

You can read this review in its entirety here: 

In English – The true benefits of power treatment: Nordost Heimdall, QBASE 8 Mk III

In French – Les inestimable bienfaits du traitements secteur: Nordost Heimdall, QBASE 8 Mk III

For this, and many more fantastic Nordost reviews, visit the Reviews Page of the Nordost website.

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