Alan Sircom reviews the QKORE for Hi-Fi+

Review Banner-QKORE_wideLast month, Nordost debuted the newest addition to its QRT range: The QKORE Ground Unit. In anticipation of this launch, Hi-Fi+ published a brilliant review, written by Alan Sircom. In his article, Alan touts the “instant, obvious, and profound” effects that the QKORE has on a sound system:

“The main effect was in the bass, which sounded significantly tighter, deeper, and more authoritative. More significantly, QKORE was like a quick lesson in ‘time coherence’, giving any sound (even speech) a more accurate sense of rhythmic beat and metre (we often just lump this together into saying it ‘times’ well). There are other benefits, too; the almost clichéd ‘darker backgrounds’ and wider soundstage with better separation of images applied here, too. The treble seemed to integrate slightly better with the midrange and bass as well, but it’s that bass and temporal correctness that wins you over. It’s like your system no longer has to apologise for itself, even if it had little to apologise for before you QKORED it!”

Alan’s QKORE review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost QKORE ground units

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