AUDIOKEY REVIEWS Auditions the AC Sort Kone

When we were contacted by Kermit Heartsong of AudioKey Reviews to audition our Sort Kones, we were thrilled to hear that after receiving our three Sort Kone models (AC, BC, and TC), Kermit decided that they were all so impressive that each one merited its own article! The first in this series of reviews is a fervent testimonial of the impact of our AC Sort Kones. In it, Heartsong insists that our Sort Kones be considered a new subcategory of audio component, akin to audio racks, that makes music more enjoyable and involving, and promotes a whole lot of “chair-dancing”. 

Heartsong writes: 

“The Nordost AC Sort Kones are far more than a tweak, and that to even consider them tweaks denies their stunning music-freeing abilities. We very highly recommend the Nordost Sort Kones as an amazing, stand-alone, portable rack system, that will allow one’s music to sing at a level above.”

At the end of his review, Heartsong dares readers to incorporate Sort Kones into their systems and then remove them, calling such an act impossible. To solidify his praise, Kermit has given our AC Sort Kones the AudioKey Reviews “High Nines” Award for exceptional price to performance ratio, mentioning that the Sort Kones represent the first ‘tweak’ to have ever received one of their awards!

You can read AudioKey’s review in its entirety here: Nordost Sort Kone Review

You can find this review and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.

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