Better Normal: A ‘Concept Concert’ with Eleanor McEvoy

Join our good friend and industry advocate, Eleanor McEvoy for an up-beat, up tempo ‘Concept Concert’ that will warm the heart and lift the spirits: Better Normal. 

Eleanor McEvoy, along with Jess Kavanagh, and Pauline Scanlon, will walk you through Skiffle songs from the 1900s and bring you right up to original songs specially commissioned for the show and written by Eleanor McEvoy, Paul Brady, Derek Ryan and Dave Rotheray (ex-Beautiful South).

What is Skiffle music? 

Skiffle is a type of music that originated in America in the early 1900s, rooted primarily in folk music, and contains elements of blues and jazz. It was typically played by amateur musicians on improvised homemade instruments. 

The 1950s brought a massive revival of Skiffle in Britain. Many of the estimated 40,000 skiffle groups around this time grew into successful, well-established acts. Among them was “The Quarrymen”, the pre-curser to The Beatles, formed in 1956 by John Lennon. 

Eleanor McEvoy, Jess Kavanagh and Pauline Scanlon will be accompanied by a five-piece band, augmented by a three-piece (New Orleans style) brass ensemble and a ten-piece Gospel Choir!

Not “back to normal”, but instead creating a “better normal”.

Better Normal is available to stream at the link below internationally Friday August 27th at 8pm for €15

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