Danny Kaey Reviews Nordost

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For most audiophiles, their passion for hifi derives from an unwavering love of music. This enthusiasm for both art, and the tools that allow you to enjoy it, are easily seen in Danny Kaey’s review of a Nordost “system”. This write-up, featuring Nordost’s Tyr 2, Frey 2 and QRT products, was published earlier this year on Positive Feedback.

“Tyr 2/Frey 2/Nordost power filtration in the system noticeably improved the renderings of each track… Individual instruments were far more clearly heard and brought to focus giving you a deeper insight into the music. I hate to sound clichéd, but heck, the stuff just rocked.”- Danny Kaey

You can now find Danny Kaey’s full article on the Nordost website under reviews.

Read the full article here: Nordost—A “System” of Products

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