Hi-Fi News Compares the Blue Heaven USB

While it is commonly accepted that audio cables do, in fact, make a significant difference in the performance of a hifi audio system, there are still skeptics when it comes to USB cables. Although USB signals are comprised from a stream of ones and zeros, the construction of the USB cable makes a big difference in how that binary signal is transmitted.

For the second year in a row, Hi-Fi News conducted a group test that shows both the audible and measurable differences between different USB cables.

“[With Nordost’s Blue Heaven USB 2.0] the music enjoyed a natural ebb and flow, the instruments sounding relaxed but poised and delicately detailed, the soundstage eerily ‘black’.” – Hi-Fi News

You can now read the full group test of USB cables conducted by Hi-Fi News on the Nordost website under Reviews.

Read the full group test here:  Hi-Fi News Group Test 


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