Introducing Leif 3 Cables

Bring NEW LEIF To Your System

Nordost’s Leif Series has been the benchmark in entry-level audio cables since its introduction to the hifi industry over three decades ago. The longevity of this influential line is due both to Nordost’s comprehensive approach to cable construction, as well as our ability to improve upon celebrated products as technology develops, while remaining true to a core design philosophy.  

Leif 3 cables embody the culmination of years of technological breakthroughs and advancements in craftsmanship, meticulously refined to meet the modern demands of mid-fi and hi-fi sound systems. Leif 3 cables leverage optimal materials, unique geometry, and filter-less technology to unlock dynamic, low-loss, and lifelike performances from any audio system.

With its four, iconic ranges – White Lightning, Purple Flare, Blue Heaven, and Red Dawn– Nordost invites music enthusiasts of all levels to bring NEW LEIF to their sound systems.

Power Cords

The Basis of Elevated Sound

To maximize the potential of your audio system, a sturdy foundation is essential. The power cords employed in hi-fi and mid-fi setups play a pivotal role in this foundation, directly impacting the performance capabilities of audio components. Nordost’s Leif 3 Power Cords are engineered to unlock newfound potential, even in modest systems, offering a gateway to elevated audio experiences.

Derived from years of research and development, Leif 3 Power Cords inherit the design principles of Nordost’s esteemed reference-level products, Valhalla 2 and Odin 2. Utilizing FEP extrusion and Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology, each heavy-gauge conductor is meticulously wrapped with an FEP filament to create a virtual air gap within its own, individual FEP tube. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of AC power, allowing your system to effortlessly deliver dynamic nuances in music.

Leif 3 Power cords are distinguished for ultra-fast, low-loss design, preserving the low source impedance of the AC supply for optimal performance. Introducing Purple Flare 3, Blue Heaven 3, or Red Dawn 3 power cords into your system promises to enrich the dynamics, color, and texture of sonic reproduction, heightening the realism of your system and allowing you to immerse yourself in the performance itself.

Loudspeaker Cables

Radically-Thin Profile, Full-Bodied Sound

One of most distinctive features Nordost products possess is the unique, flat design of the loudspeaker cables. This design isn’t just about standing out; it’s a performance-driven solution. Flat cables sound better.

By adopting a flat geometry, Nordost decreases capacitance, strand interaction, and skin effect within speaker cables, resulting in cleaner, more accurate signal transmission. Why is this design unique to Nordost? Simply put, only Nordost has the technology to successfully produce ultra-thin, air-tight, durable cables, with the precision necessary to create a high quality, flat audio cable.

Nordost’s Leif 3 Loudspeaker Cables are constructed using silver-plated, solid core OFC conductors which have undergone an intricate FEP extrusion process to elevate the dielectric properties of the cables. They are then finished using a specialized termination method with gold-plated z-plug banana or spade connectors. Leif 3 Loudspeaker cables increase the drive and dynamic realism of sonic reproduction, gaining a new level of musicality in your sound system.

Analog Interconnects

Connect to Your Music

In the pursuit of sonic purity, a successful interconnect should seamlessly transmit audio signal without introducing any distortion or alteration. Nordost’s Leif 3 Interconnects achieve this goal through a filter-less approach, offering a neutral conduit that faithfully reproduces music.

Nordost’s Leif 3 Interconnects are constructed using silver-plated, solid core OFC conductors arranged into twisted pairs in order to reduce noise interference from the signals they carry. Each pair is then individually shielded before being bundled and secured in a second, braided shield, providing 97% coverage.

Terminated with gold-plated Neutrik XLR or Profi Neutrik RCA connectors, Leif 3 Interconnects serve as the ideal interface for mid-fi and hi-fi components alike. They maximize signal transmission while preserving the integrity of the source material, allowing enhanced textural aspects of music reproduction to shine through.

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