Nordost’s new QLINE Ground Wire

Nordost is proud to introduce the newest addition to the QRT range of power products: the QLINE Ground Wire. Nordost’s QLINE is the most effective method to achieve a solid secondary ground for your hifi audio system. This unique and effective ground wire will not only increase the size and depth of your soundstage, but will reduce the sonic pollution being fed to your audio system, and eliminate the noise generated by the overlapping of multiple circuits or ground loops that are created within electrical circuits.

The QLINE is constructed with a 231 strand, 10 AWG, plated conductor and uses Nordost’s patented Micro Mono-Filament technology, combined with extruded FEP insulation. The QRT Ground Wire serves as the missing link needed to complete the circuit — whether grounding from device to device or connecting the QBASE ground post to a designated, external ground rod or grounding box through its unique, low resistance path.

 As is true with all of Nordost’s QRT power products, the QLINE is designed to alleviate the impact of poor quality AC power on your sensitive electronics. By limiting RFI and timing errors associated with the AC line, it brings AC power closer to the desired “distortion-less condition”. Nordost’s QLINE is best used in conjunction with the rest of the QRT range, and will result in a more discernable soundstage, greater dynamic range and a lower noise floor for your system.

 Nordost’s QRT Ground Wire is available in multiple lengths with air-tight, waterproof terminations in order to accommodate your specific needs. Installing a designated ground for your hifi system is the most efficient and direct approach to eliminate ground loops and AC hum. However, it is important to consult a local electrician to ensure that the improvements you make to your sound system remain to code.lg-QRT-QLINE Ground Wire


6 thoughts on “Nordost’s new QLINE Ground Wire

    • The Valhalla or Quattro Fil actually would not make the best ground wire since those cables are designed for a different kind of signal transfer. A good ground cable should be a higher gauge so resistance is minimalized. It’s why we went with a dedicated ground line that is 10 AWG.

  1. I am a happy Nordost user and I use a Heimdall 2 main to my qb8 and blue heaven mains to my components. If I switch on my power amp some of the tv channels suddenly become slightly distorted. Same thing happens when I switch on my Apple TV. Using your fig8 cable reduced this problem significantly though but it’s still noticeable. My sockets are properly grounded. Would you recommend a ground box – like Entreq or Revive – connected to my qb8 or start with a qv2 or qk1? I have 2 spots left in my qb8.

    • The slight distortion you are experiencing from turning your amplifier on could be due to current draw, but that wouldn’t be the case with turning an Apple TV on.

      Qv2’s and Qk1’s would not change that so I would start with other options.

    • Yes, the QLINE can be connected to the ground post of any QBASE with either a banana or spade connector. However, we recommend using the banana termination option.

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