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We’ve received some fantastic reviews and awards over the years for our products. When we get new reviews, we do our best to make sure that everyone knows. We spread the word through social media, blogs, emails, and tell anyone willing to listen! However, once the press starts piling up, and new products start to get their time in the spotlight, these amazing reviews can tend to be forgotten.

While you always have access to these great reviews, thanks to the Reviews Page on the Nordost website, we want to make sure that if you are considering an upgrade, or just want to learn more about a specific product, you can do so easily. So… let’s start with power cords! 

This blog puts together some of our favorite power cord reviews, so that you can see all of these informative articles at once! 

Purple Flare: 

DAR Reviews the Nordost Purple Flare Power Cord

Cutting to the chase: the Nordost cable sounds better. It shines a light into music’s murkier corners exposing greater subtleties, most notably lengthening the tail of each piano note’s natural decay And yet, paradoxically, the additional intensity brought by the Nordost wire also sounded more relaxed. Joining the dots between amped up fervour and greater repose…” – Darko Audio  

Blue Heaven: 

Hi-Fi Choice Reviews the Blue Heaven Power Cord

The overall performance is clear and refined with a very low noise floor. The Blue Heaven is certainly a very good value-for-money, high-quality power cable option.” – Hi-Fi Choice  

NOVO Reviews the Blue Heaven Power Cord

“With the Nordost Blue Heaven power cord connected to the amplifier, I was immediately rewarded with a lower noise floor and an improved sonic experience…There’s no question that as far as cables go, power cables play a fundamental role in the performance of an audio system. Even an affordable cable like the Nordost Blue Heaven power cord can make a significant contribution to improving your music listening experience.” – NOVO

Red Dawn: 

Hi-Fi Choice Reviews the Red Dawn Power Cord

“This is certainly a high-quality power cable worthy of any top-end system.” – Hi-Fi Choice

Heimdall 2: 

Hi-Fi Choice Reviews the Heimdall 2 Power Cord

“With the Heimdall 2 in my valve preamp power supply … All the instrument images are perfect and the double- bass, which is taut and full, balances perfectly with the piano and drums.” – Hi-Fi Choice

Frey 2: 

Audiophilia Reviews Frey 2 Speaker Cables, Interconnects and Power Cords

“The Nordost cables get out of the way of the music and the environment in which it was recorded. The focus is in the quality playback and not the cables elbowing for top billing. As such, they have outstanding synergy.” – Audiophilia

Tyr 2:  

SoundStage! Ultra Reviews Tyr 2 Speaker Cables, Interconnects, and Power Cords

“There’s no question in my mind that the Norse 2 Tyr 2s sound superb. Inserting them in an already great-sounding system previously lashed up with their little brother Freys, I clearly heard consistent gains in all categories of sound.” – SoundStage! Ultra

 Valhalla 2: 

The Absolute Sound Reviews Valhalla 2 Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and Power Cords

“While the cumulative effect of having an all Nordost cable system is always the most pronounced, the effect of merely replacing one single power cable to your amplifier—for example—is something to be experienced.” – The Absolute Sound

Hifi Critic Reviews Valhalla 2 Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and Power Cords

“V2 power cabling saw timing and swing improved dramatically, bringing greater drive and dynamic realism. Stereo focus also improved, with layers now more secure and solid, and the whole system seemed to breathe more deeply, with heightened shading and colour.” – HiFi Critic

Odin 2

The Audio Beat Reviews Odin 2 Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cords

“The Odin 2 power cord replaced a Valhalla 2, which I had ample experience with; the difference — again, with just one power cord — was, in my own words, ‘Astounding.'” – The Audio Beat

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