The Audio Beat reviews the SuperFlatline Speaker Cable

We are happy to share a wonderful review of our newly released SuperFlatline Speaker Cable, recently published on In his piece, What I’d Recommend To A Friend: Nordost SuperFlatlineRoy Gregory remembers the cable that “awakened the audio public’s awareness of both the importance and performance potential of speaker cables“. He also realizes that in a world of one-box solutions, the affordable price of the SuperFlatline makes it all the more relevant today, especially at its performance point.

…it is very obviously cut from exactly the same musical cloth [as Valhalla 2], with its crisp, clean dynamics, unforced transparency and expressive musical range. That uncluttered clarity allows it to cut straight to the heart of the densest or most compressed studio mix… Regardless of genre, SuperFlatine’s musical exuberance is hard to beat.“—Roy Gregory

You can now read Roy’s full review here: What’ I’d Recommend To A Friend: Nordost SuperFlatline

You can find this review and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.

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