Nordost Customer Testimonial

Nordost is always thrilled to receive and share glowing reviews from journalists and experts in the industry. However, when we get testimonials from our devoted and satisfied customers, it means that much more!

Thank you to Richard from Nebraska for sharing a little about his transformative experience with Nordost!

Music is one of my life’s greatest enjoyments and Nordost has played a major part in it.

My Nordost journey began at the RMAF Show in Denver, CO after seeing Mike Marko’s phenomenal Nordost cable presentation with The Sound Environment assisting. This became a game changer for me and I knew at that time, that Nordost was for me.

My first demo, a Purple Flare Power Cord plugged into a 4K Apple TV using an LG OLED TV, produced unexpected, yet amazing results.  The power cord significantly improved the video and sound quality. With that, it was clear that Nordost transforms your audio/video experience into one that is so immersive, it draws you into the music and film.   

I’ve since added Heimdall 2 Power Cords, three Blue Heaven HDMIs, and a QB8 MKII with two QV2s. This resulted in greater color saturation, deeper black levels, and improved contrast levels. Image clarity, depth, and texture also showed improvement.  With the Heimdall 2 Speaker Cables, audio showed improvement in dynamics, a wider and deeper sound stage, and greater transparency and separation.

Each new addition of Nordost equipment has bestowed incremental, yet significant upgrades to the video and sound. What more could you ask for? Listening to music or watching movies with family and friends and hearing them say “WOW!”…  It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Richard is a happy customer of Sound Environment.  His system is wired with Purple FlareBlue Heaven, and Heimdall 2 cables and uses QRT Power Products.

What’s your Nordost story?

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