Valhalla 2 receives Positive Feedback’s Writer’s Choice Award!

Review Banner-  Valhalla 2

Throughout this past year Nordost has been highly recognized by industry leaders and journalists with a slew of fabulous reviews. But the recognition did stop at articles. In 2014 Nordost’s products, ranging from Leif to Norse 2 to Reference, have also received awards. The Blue Heaven USB 2.0 was awarded hi-finews Outstanding Product and our Heimdall 2 loom received the CANDA HiFi Editor’s Choice. Now we can add one more to our collection!

This past week the 11th Annual Positive Feedback Writer’s Choice Awards for 2014 were released, and Nordost was once again acknowledged. For Guido Corona the Valhalla 2 cables were an easy choice for the PF Writer’s Choice Award.

The wires achieve the goals of my quest for that all too often elusive beauty—a supremely refined musical neutrality, where solid images are anchored on a vast stage; where vocal parameters enhance the magic of reality, but never distort it by the incongruous; where a graceful treble extends upwards into apparent infinity without a trace of intermodulative hardness; where a supremely textured midrange is the ultimate window on a magic performance: it is not wan, nor is it artificially warm; where the bass is endlessly deep and harmonically defined down to the lower 20Hz region.”


To read the full list of Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2014, including Valhalla 2, click HERE

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