Hans Wetzel reviews Frey 2 for Soundstage!

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The consumer electronics industry is constantly changing. New technologies and upgrades are introduced on a regular basis. In order to stay current with hifi audio’s latest and greatest, it’s important to keep one ear to the ground, so to speak. There are a number of publications available, whether print, digital, blog or otherwise, that provide all of the information needed to stay up to speed. One great example is Soundstage!  A few months ago, Soundstage! published an article, written by reviewer Hans Wetzel, featuring Nordost’s Frey 2 range. In his article, Wetzel looks at the entire loom of our Frey 2 cables including speaker cables, interconnects and power cords—and we are quite pleased with his conclusions!

“If there’s a cable company whose products soundstage with the same breadth and agility that Nordost’s can, I’m unaware of it.” –Hans Wetzel, Soundstage!

Mr. Wetzel’s full review is now available on the Nordost website under Reviews.

View the full review here: Nordost—Frey2 Speaker Cables, Interconnects and Power Cables

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