Origin of the Name: HEIMDALL

origin of the name heimdall

Heimdall, the son of Odin and nine sister giantesses, is known as the warden of the gods. He is often depicted on horseback at the edge of heaven with his sword and trumpet in hand, guarding the rainbow bridge that connects the human world with Asgard. In order to help Heimdall in his watch, the gods heightened his senses so that he can hear the grass grow on a hillside and see a 100 league distance in both day and night.

Origin of the Name: FREY


Frey, the god of harvest, decides when the sun shines and the rain pours. People most often look to him for peace and plenty. Frey is sometimes depicted in the company of a boar, whose golden bristles personify the sun. This boar is said to have taught men to plow, and leads Frey’s chariot as he scatters fruits and flowers onto earth. Frey is further known for the Skidbladnir, a ship that acts as the clouds, bringing favorable winds wherever it goes.

Origin of the name: VALHALLA


Valhalla, known as the “hall of the fallen” is the home of Odin’s throne, which oversees nine worlds. It is also where Odin houses the most worthy warriors who have died in battle since the beginning of time. The warriors of Valhalla are fed pork from a boar that is boiled and reborn every day. Valhalla is covered in shields and spears and guarded by wolves and eagles. In order to prepare themselves for the final battle of Ragnarok (dome of the gods) against Fenrir the wolf, the men of Valhalla engage themselves in horrible fighting.

Origin of the name: TYR


Tyr, the bravest of all gods, is called the ancient god of war and is the lawgiver of the gods. Men ready for war invoke Tyr since he has power over victory in battle. In fact, due to his courage, tenacity and knowledge, the people who share these attributes are known as “Tyr-wise” and “Tyr-valiant”. In a display of his fearlessness, Tyr offered to stick his hand in the mouth of the great wolf, Fenrir, in order to show the wolf that the gods would set him free. When Fenrir saw he would never be set loose, he bit off Tyr’s hand. This is why Tyr is usually depicted as a one-handed god.

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Origin of the name: ODIN

Origin of the name Odin

In Norse mythology, Odin is recognized as the father of all gods and the creator of heaven, earth and everything in between. He is the god of magic, wisdom, wit, learning and war. As the overseer of nine worlds, Odin sits on his throne in Valhalla and awaits the news received from his two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Munin (Memory), who are sent to all corners of the worlds each day to bring back what they see to their master. In pursuit of knowledge, Odin has gone hungry and has even sacrificed an eye for a drink from the well of wisdom.

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