How to Upgrade your DAC

Just because you aren’t satisfied with an audio component doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Before committing to a full replacement, see if there are ways to elevate the product that you already have and give your gear an upgrade! Let’s take your DAC, for example. By making just a few adjustments, you could reduce signal interference, improve the sound quality, increase dynamics, and much more. “But what can you do to upgrade a DAC?”, you might ask. That’s where the fun starts! There are several ways that you can upgrade your DAC’s performance… and who doesn’t love a good option?

Here are six simple enhancements that you can make to your DAC setup to achieve serious musical gains: 

Power Cord: 

The foundation of any audio system starts with clean and consistent power delivery. Nordost’s power cords are meticulously engineered to minimize electrical interference and maximize power transfer, resulting in improved clarity, dynamics, and overall sound quality.  

Analog Interconnects: 

If your aim is a faithful reproduction of your music, Nordost’s Analog Interconnects are essential. These interconnects ensure that every nuance of your music is preserved, allowing you to experience your favorite albums with unmatched clarity and realism.  

Digital Interconnect: 

If you use the digital function of your transport, Nordost’s Digital Interconnects are designed to minimize signal loss and distortion. Unlike other digital interconnects on the market, Nordost’s SPDIF and AES/EBU cables faithfully meet all the specs necessary so that you get the resolution, detail, and depth you need.  

USB Cable: 

Nordost’s USB cables ensure that digital audio data is transmitted accurately from your source to your DAC. By reducing jitter and other forms of interference, these cables can result in a cleaner, more dynamic sound with improved resolution and depth.  

Ethernet Cable: 

If you’re using a NAS device, or streaming music online, the quality of our Ethernet cable becomes crucial. Nordost’s Ethernet cables are engineered to deliver high-speed, low-latency data transmission for smoother streaming, faster load times, and a more natural sound.  

Sort Kones: 

To further optimize your listening environment, Nordost’s Sort Kones are the key, isolating and supporting your components as they need. By reducing vibrations and resonance, Sort Kones will allow your DAC to give you more focused, immersive listening sessions. 

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