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Nordost’s new QKORE products are receiving a lot of worldwide press attention. The latest review featuring these revolutionary grounding devices can be found on In his article, Marc Mickelson is very impressed with our QKORE Ground Units, and the blatant effects that they have on a sound system, remarking, “What you hear will be positive, and dead obvious, with every recording…”. While reflecting on exactly what he was hearing, he said:

“[The] purist recordings of small ensembles…made plain QKORE’s contributions, as the recording venue sounded bigger and the musicians more in-the-room present, no ‘maybe’ about it. This occurred across recordings and components, QKORE expanding musical horizons and making everything in them sound more vivid—more grounded, you could say.”

Marc’s QKORE review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost QKORE Grounding System

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