Nordost at High End 2024 in Munich – Recap

A month out from High End in Munich, and we are still beaming from the results of the show! This year Nordost surprised show-goers with the exciting introduction of our Leif 3 series – the next evolution of our entry-level product lines. Consumers were thrilled to see a refresh of our White Lightning, Purple Flare, Blue Heaven, and Red Dawn power cords, analog interconnects, and speaker cables, which have been a benchmark in the hifi industry for over 3 decades! 

Nordost was ever-present as always, this year at High End. Our cables were featured in over a dozen amazing systems, with partners such as Raidho, VTL, dCS, Hegel, Moon by Simaudio, Stenheim, and our incredible German distributor, Audio Reference. And, as always, we were included in some of the rooms deemed ‘best-of show’ by well-respected industry reviewers. It’s always an honor to be selected to exhibit alongside these giants of the hifi industry, who have their pick of cable brands, and we are thrilled to have made fantastic sound with them all, once again. 

For those of you who were unable to visit High End this year, we have put together some of our favorite pictures for you to enjoy, right here! 

Nordost Room

Audio Reference Room

dCS Room

VTL Room

Raidho Room

Scansonic Room

Moon Room

Hegel Booth

Stenheim Room

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