Positive Feedback Reviews the Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +

Our recent tonearm cable upgrade has had reviewers eager for the opportunity to check out how the new internal design and revolutionary grounding options will impact their analog listening. This month, Positive Feedback’s Michael Corsentino introduced the Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable + into his system. While it may be Nordost’s entry level tonearm cable, the results were truly impressive! There is no doubt that Michael will want to know what will happen as he upgrades throughout our line of Tonearm Cable + offerings.

“With the Blue Heaven installed music had substantially more clarity, more detail, more refinement, more dynamic contrast, and more musicality. And, as mentioned above, hum gone in a flash! … the Blue Heaven made an appreciably positive difference, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I have no hesitation recommending it as a worthwhile upgrade. Once you’ve heard the difference, I doubt you’ll go back to your previous cable: I know I’m not!”

– Michael Corsentino 

You can now read Michael’s full review here: Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +

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