ToneAudio Reviews Nordost’s Full Range of Tonearm Cables

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At Nordost we are proud of the fact that as you go up our product line, the improvements and effects that our cables bring to your sound system are easily demonstrable. At trade shows and industry events, Nordost representatives and product specialists do linear cable swaps to highlight these transitions. However, most people don’t have the opportunity to attend these events, so they rely on reviews to make an informed decision. While reviews are a great resource to better understand how a cable can transform a system, you rarely come across reviews that describe the changes that result from choosing an entry-level, to a mid-level, to a reference cable within the same brand. That is why we were so excited when Jeff Dorgay, from ToneAudio, came to us with his idea to compare four of our tonearm cables (from our Blue Heaven, Heimdall 2, Frey 2, and Valhalla 2 ranges) for his publication. The result was a very honest look at Nordost cables that we think end users will really appreciate.

“As much as we wanted to squeal to high heaven that a nearly $5,000 tonearm cable was bullshit, it isn’t. If you have the system to show it off, you will not be disappointed in the least.”

“Like all the other Nordost cables we’ve had the pleasure to audition, they offer a linear increase in performance as you go up the range”

“We’ve walked away from hundreds of hours of listening to not only be impressed, but to suggest them heartily.”

  — ToneAudio

To read this article in its entirety, go to the review section on the Nordost website or click the following link:

A Clear Advantage—Going up the range with Nordost

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