Dealer Spotlight: Xact Audio

  By Amy Hansen

What does Steve Dobbins, owner of Xact Audio, do for fun?  Why, work of course, which includes listening to and sharing his love of music. Nestled amongst striking scenery in Boise, Idaho, the showroom at Xact Audio is as impressive as the stunning views of the mountains surrounding this fast-growing community.

Steve’s love of music across many genres is evident by his extensive record collection and his passion for serving it on a silver platter to anyone who wants to listen.  I was one of those lucky and willing guests treated to a goosebump inducing music performance, not quite like any other I’ve heard.

With Rockport Speakers, top of the line CH Precision electronics, a Kodo turntable with Schröder Linear-Tracking Tonearm (much more on these two below), and Nordost’s Odin 2 cabling, this world class showroom has all the right ingredients for experiencing music at its best…but these are all just components.  The key element is not something you can purchase.  It takes a passionate and knowledgeable master like Steve to know how to best marry them all together with a tweak here and a tweak there to achieve the best sound.

From design to construction, Steve also crafts his very own Kodo “The Beat” turntables and Schröder Linear-Tracking Tonearm.  Steve’s unique design philosophy for these two products is the result of knowledge that he started accumulating as early as 6 years old, when he received his first record player. Reviews have been nothing but glowing— one of which can be found HERE.

To most people’s ears, his system would seem to have no room for improvement, and yet Steve is always looking for ways to incorporate new components or make adjustments towards reaching perfection.  Maybe that is why so many of his customers from all over the country value his dedication to them when they ask him to set up their own systems.

Steve is far from a one-dimensional man.  Aside from the high art of music and its accurate reproduction, he has an array of other interests.  He and his wife Polly enjoy touring on their Harley all over the West. He also restores classic cars, and has been fascinated with anything powered by a motor since before Van Halen was cool. To quote Steve, “I’d hotrod a sewing machine if asked.”

If you’re looking for the best components money can buy, along with unmatched knowledge and service in putting together your own audio system, look no further than Steve Dobbins at Xact Audio.

You can learn more about Steve here:  More about Steve Dobbins in his own words.

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