The Absolute Sound Reviews the QBASE Mark III

Neil Gader has been a long-time supporter of our cables, so he was very interested in delving into the world of QRT with one of our new AC power distributors. In the most recent issue of The Absolute Sound, Neil Gader focused his attention on the QBASE Mark III. Throughout his listening sessions, he found the sonic results of the QBASE to be “immediate and consistent” when it comes to its revealing and resolving nature and was especially impressed by the timbral details and low-level information the QBASE provided.  

Neil dubbed the QBASE Mark III an easy recommendation, calling it “restorative, bringing to light low-level details and micro-dynamic shifts that have been obscured”. 

You can now see Neil’s QNET Review on the Reviews Page of the Nordost website or read it in its entirety here: Nordost QBASE Mark III AC Distribution Unit: The Incrementalist

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