Nordost Customer Testimonial

Nordost is always thrilled to receive and share glowing reviews from journalists and experts in the industry. However, when we get testimonials from our devoted and satisfied customers, it means that much more! Thank you to David from England, who started using Nordost cables more than 30 years ago and “never looked back”.


I first visited a hi fi show way back in the Eighties, when I was very much younger. I remember hearing some big speakers and was excited by the loudness. Music has always been a part of my soul, and just like my heart beat, music makes the soul happy, and this takes you on emotional journeys. The soul in symbiosis with music evokes feeling and satisfaction. What more could you ask for?

I formed a relationship with Nordost cables and have never looked back.

With my first upgrade from silver ocf wire to buying and installing the Nordost Frey 2 speaker cable, the results were unexpected. My partner who also loves playing hi-end Hifi, was struck by how clear the sound was, with deeper, tighter bass and everything in between being more refined.

Valhalla 2 Power Cords were introduced from wall outlet to the power distribution bar (new additions). The sound from the power cables transferred the signal sounds via the CD player through the pre amp and power amps. Frey 2 speaker cables completed the system, culminating in sounds that seemed like they weren’t emanating from the loudspeakers. The sound had been taken to a new level with the addition of the power cables— more space surrounding each instrument, extracting minuscule details from the Moon 750d CC Player. The thing with the 750d, is that it really digs deep, allowing the cables to lay out a road in front of you, clear of the fog from a frustrating noise floor, with road markings that once were lost, now clear to hear. 

Note: Nordost Sort Kones, sitting under the 750d, resulted in an even lower noise floor and more tuning.  Results will vary depending on which flavour of Sort Kones is used. Four variations exist: Aluminum-Steel, Aluminum-Ceramic, Bronze-Ceramic, and Titanium-Ceramic. When used in different configurations under certain parts of the CD transport, power inlets and transformers, these help to dissipate vibrations emanating from within components.

A project for the future is to get some Nordost Jumpers to help complete the loudspeakers (being tri wired, each loudspeaker).

I’m expected to hear more gain with XLR Cables, in the future when funds allow (may be some time).

If your desire is to feel like you are at a recording studio, listening to a new recording being put down, or back at that live concert, then let Nordost transport you there, once and for all, at lightning speed.

David from England.
Well done Nordost.

What’s your Nordost story?


We’re collaborating w/ Newvelle Records!

newvelle banner_3

Nordost is very proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Newvelle Records!

This innovative company has made its mark on music distribution since their first pressing was introduced in 2016. Throughout the year, Newvelle creates a series of six exclusive, vinyl records, each paired with curated artwork and writing, which are released to customers in bi-monthly installments. These six pressings combine to form a box set that takes advantage of its full canvas to express something exceedingly deep and affecting.

The response to their work has been overwhelming, with an onslaught of positive reviews raving about every aspect of Newvelle, from the integrity of their records, to the quality of artists they feature, to the distribution model that they employ.

newvelle season 2-1

We’ve found great symmetry in the ideals, aesthetics, dedication, and craftsmanship between Nordost and Newvelle.  Like us, they care fundamentally, and above all else, about the music. For their next set of recordings at East Side Sound in NYC, Newvelle will be using Nordost cables, including our Pro Audio studio series, Ax Angel, to create their highest quality recordings to date. This partnership will give Nordost customers the unique opportunity to experience their music through Nordost cables from beginning to end.


To celebrate this new collaboration, and help you celebrate the upcoming holidays, Newvelle Records is offering the first 100 Nordost customers who purchase their already completed Second Season Box Set an exclusive gift: Piano Noir.

Piano Noir is a record born from the idea of “Making the Connection”— in this case, the connections that can be found between all of the arts involved in the project: audial, visual and literary.  Based on a story that was commissioned by Newvelle from best-selling author Douglas Kennedy, with music written by Newvelle cofounder pianist Elan Mehler, and featuring some of NYC’s best musicians, Piano Noir is a unique piece of art not currently available for sale, and made to Newvelle’s exacting standards.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer by using the promo code “Nordost” at checkout to get your copy of Piano Noir with a purchase of Newvelle’s Season Two, and be a part of this exciting musical movement.

Learn more about Newvelle Records at


Dealer Spotlight: Hanson Audio Video – Cincinnati

By Mike Marko


A world class audio video salon isn’t born every day, especially here in the heartland of Ohio.  On October 12th, 2017 that’s precisely what happened.  Hanson Audio Video officially opened their second state-of-the-art store and showroom in Cincinnati.

This brand new facility showcases high performance solutions to satisfy every aspect of home entertainment.  Hanson’s approach of offering “good” and “better” hifi, allows them to provide both affordable setups that blow away what you can find in the big-box stores, and reference systems which demonstrate what could be possible in a cost-no-object scenario.  You can experience all this and more in Hanson’s modern showcase for music and film, now open in Cincinnati.


Hanson’s family owned and run operation first opened its Dayton location in 1999, and soon grew to be one of the premiere audio and video system providers in the nation.  The Dayton location occupies three floors of state-of-the-art systems, and will continue to serve their loyal, satisfied customers in that market as well as in Cincinnati.


Great stores are run by great people, and Hanson is no exception.  Helmed by Troy Hanson, with help and guidance from his father, Greg Hanson, this multi-generational business excels in customer service.  Hanson employees are comprised of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience and certifications in a wide range of audio, video, automation, computer, and networking applications. They are proficient with custom room/system design and installation services, as well as with the on-going support necessary after the initial install.


As a Nordost Supreme Reference Dealer and Certified Nordost Specialist, the staff at Hanson Audio Video has been factory trained directly by Nordost. Hanson offers all of Nordost’s available lines to their customers, including cables, from Leif to Odin 2, as well as our entire range of resonance control devices and power products.

10800 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone:  (513) 563-0444



Al Griffin reviews Purple Flare for SoundStage!Access

Review Banner-Purple Flare_wide

We love it when cable skeptics review our products. Al Griffin was wary to concentrate on cabling when first tasked by Soundstage! to review our Purple Flare Interconnects and Speaker Cables. However, after taking the time to study the impact that Nordost cables brought to his sound system, he admittedly “crossed a threshold”. The tonal separation between vocals and individual instruments, the increased clarity, and the three-dimensional quality that Purple Flare brought to the performance was undeniable.

“I heard differences almost from the get-go, and those differences were improvements: better resolution of low-level details, and better spatial definition.” 

Al’s Purple Flare review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost’s Leif Purple Flare Speaker Cables and Interconnects 

You can find more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.

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Nordost Playlist – December 2017

Nordost is lucky to have a wonderful team of representatives and product trainers who travel around the world educating and demonstrating the effects of Nordost’s products. As part of these demonstrations, it is our job to find an interesting and diverse selection of music to showcase our cables, power devices, sort system and accessories. Whether at shows, visiting our dealers and distributors or even in our own listening room in our headquarters in Holliston, we are constantly getting asked what music we are playing (or if our audience is not so bold to ask, we can see their Shazams working overtime). So we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share our favorite songs of the moment. Some may be classics, some may be brand new, some may not even be to your taste, but one thing is for sure …it’s all great music.

Here are some of the songs that we will have on rotation this December.

You can now listen to our monthly playlist here:  TIDAL  |  SPOTIFY


  1. Mind on Fire—Aisha Badru—Mind on Fire
  2. Dancing—Jack DeJohnette—Parallel Realities
  3. Magnolia—Eric Clapton, John Mayer—Eric Clapton & Friends: The Breeze- An Appreciation Of JJ Cale
  4. Love Interruption—Jack White—Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016
  5. That Woman Will Give It A Try—Mable John—Stay Out Of The Kitchen (Remastered)
  6. Wedding Dress—Sam Amidon—All Is Well
  7. Qi—Phildel—Qi
  8. Dance In The The Old Fashioned Way—Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire—Together
  9. French Press—Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever—The French Press
  10. It’s All Good—Superorganism—It’s All Good