Questions and Answers: QSOURCE

We thought that we would take the opportunity to share some of our most recent and frequently asked questions about the QSOURCE Linear Power Supply here, so that everyone can get the answers they are looking for!

I have seen the QSOURCE used with the new QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer in reviews, but can it be used with other components too?

The QSOURCE serves as an upgraded power supply for Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizers, and is constructed with four, 5V outputs designated specifically for QPOINTS. However, it was also designed as a replacement for the noise-inducing, inconsistent switch mode power supplies that feed music servers, network switches, routers, NAS drives, DC phono stages, DC DACs etc. To accommodate these devices, the QSOURCE provides two outlets that can supply “9V, 12V, or 19V” and “12V, 19V, or 24V” respectively, which can be chosen to match the requirements of your electronics.

Where should I place the QSOURCE in my system? Do I have to plug it into my distribution bar, or can it be plugged directly into the wall?

While you can certainly plug the QSOURCE into your distribution bar, if you don’t have any space available on your QB4, QB8, or whatever product you use in your system, you can plug the QSOURCE directly into the wall. In terms of placement, the QSOURCE can be positioned anywhere on or around your audio rack in a well-ventilated space. Just make sure that the vents both on the top and bottom of the unit are unobstructed at all times.

Is there a difference between the QSOURE DC Cables that you use to power the QPOINT and the QSOURCE DC Cables you use to power other components?

While the cable itself is the same, Nordost offers three termination options for the QSOURCE DC Cable: LEMO to LEMO, LEMO to 5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector, and LEMO to 5mm x 2.5mm barrel connector. The LEMO to LEMO connectors are intended for use with Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizers. When connecting any other device to the QSOURCE, you have to verify the required termination for your device from its manufacturer.

Do you need to own a QSOURCE in order to use your QPOINT?

No, when you purchase a QPOINT it comes with a switch-mode power supply so that you can use it immediately, without any additional purchases. However, if you want to get the most out of the QPOINT, we suggest that you introduce a QSOURCE Linear Power Supply into your system for a significant upgrade.

Toronto Auidofest 2019 Recap

Nordost was proud to be represented by so many stellar systems at this year’s Toronto Audiofest. Our cabling, power products, and audio enhancers could be found in over eight rooms—all of them a sonic treat! We would like to say a special thank you to our partners in the Gershman Acoustic/Krell/VPI, Audio Eden, Woo Audio, Electronic Depot, Hegel, Goerner/Grandinote, Audio by Marc Jones, and Executive Audio rooms who all featured our cables in their set-ups. In the Nordost room, we had wonderful results demoing our new QPOINT Resonance Synchronizers and QSOURCE Linear Power Supplies in their Canadian debut. These award-winning new products were highlighted in an all Odin 2 system supported by the Gershman Acoustic POSH loudspeakers and Moon by SimAudio components. For those of you who couldn’t make it to Toronto this year, here are a few of our favorite images from the event.



“Was I in a hotel room? Couldn’t tell, because the sound coming from a pair of Grandinote Mach 9 speakers with carbon fiber enclosures, a Grandinote 37Wpc Shinai integrated amp , and a Grandinote Volta music server, with cabling by Nordost, completely obliterated the walls around me. I was somewhere else… The sound was so spacious, with such luscious tone.” – Robert Schryer, Stereophile



“This Gershman/Krell/VPI system hit all the right buttons for me: velvety flow, bloom, beauty, layered soundstage, natural sound, detail, and even ribcage-rattling bass. (I felt it!)” – Robert Schryer, Stereophile



“warm, rich, and highly engaging sound.” — Robert Schryer, Stereophile




“…the music that filled the room sounded rich and full, even at very low volume, with wonderful color and tactility.” — Robert Schryer, Stereophile


Hi-Fi+ Reviews the QPOINT and QSOURCE

When the QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and the QSOURCE Linear Power Supply were introduced to the public in Spring of this year, there was already a line of people waiting to get their hands on these innovative new products. The first in line was Alan Sircom. In his review, freshly published in Hi-Fi+, Alan describes his experience integrating both the QPOINT and the QSOURCE into his system. Sircom likens our new QRT products to the “cherry on top” of your system.

“The music sounds more ‘right’ and musicians sound more like they are playing together with QPoints in place…you tend to notice an increased sense of dynamic freedom to the sound.”  – Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

Alan’s QPOINT and QSOURCE review is now available to read here:  Nordost QPOINT harmonisers and QSOURCE power supply 

You can find more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.

Trade Shows — Fall 2019

Nordost’s Fall show season is in full-swing! Music lovers and audiophiles alike will have the opportunity to hear Nordost’s wide range of cable offerings, as well as our power products, and resonance control devices on world-class systems. These demonstrations are the best way to understand the dramatic upgrade that introducing a proper foundation can have on your sound system. This season, we will be focusing our presentations on some of the newest products in the Nordost arsenal, our critically acclaimed QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and QSOURCE Linear Power Supply. We hope to see you at one of these great events around the world!

Autumn Pulse Show – Oslo

Join us at HøstPULS 2019 in Oslo, Norway, where Nordost product specialist Dennis Bonotto will be showcasing our new QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and QSOURCE Linear Power Supply!

October 11th – 13th

Toronto Audio Fest 2019

Come and see Nordost at the Toronto Audio Fest! Please join us, October 18th – 20th, at The Westin Toronto Airport Hotel. Throughout the show, our sales representatives and product specialists, Bruno de Lorimier and Michael Taylor, will be performing live demonstrations and product comparisons, in the Balmoral room. The Toronto Audio Fest is a perfect opportunity to hear the effect that quality cables can have on a hifi system, and to determine how the caliber of performance is improved as enhancements are made to cable design.  Admission is free to the public, so we hope to see you there!

Stereonet Hi-Fi Show 2019

“Australia’s greatest exhibition of Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Headphones and Home Entertainment will take place in Melbourne, October 18th – 20th, 2019, showcasing both Australian and international hi-fi and home cinema brands in one place, across three great days.”

Join us to hear some great music with our new QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and QSOURCE Linear Power Supply!

Paris Audio Video Show

Join us at the Paris Audio Video Show, alongside our tremendous French distributor, PPL!

October 19th–20th at the New Cap Event Center / Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel

UK Hi-Fi Show Live

Nordost will be at the UK hi-fi Show Live, supported by our UK Distributor, Renaissance Audio!  We’ll be alongside VPI and MOON in rooms 308-310 at the Ascot Racecourse Grandstand.  Join us October 26th and 27th.

Capital AudioFest

We will be joining our friends and partners at VPI to take Capital AudioFest by storm! You have never heard vinyl sound so good. If you are in the DC area, November 1-3, there is no better place to discover the latest in hifi and enjoy some fantastic sounding music.

Audio Video Show 2019 – Warsaw

Join us in Warsaw, Poland for the Audio Video Show, November 8th-10th! You can find us alongside our distributor Audio Center at the National Stadium (Stadium Narodowy) in Skybox 212, along with Moon and Monitor Audio.  Hope to see you there!


Dealer Spotlight: Quebec Acoustique

 By Bruno de Lorimier

Quebec Acoustique’s history goes back to 2001 when the owner, Richard Desjardins, an audio enthusiast with a computer programming background, asked himself, ‘’Why not turn my main hobby into my everyday job?’’ So, with that in mind, out of his own home in Blainville (just north of Montreal), Quebec Acoustique was founded. At the beginning, Richard’s business focus was mainly on Home Theater. He was one of the first to develop an online business selling projectors, AV receivers, speakers, and projector screens across Canada. With its growing success, office space and warehouse capacity became an issue, so the company moved to a larger location with a bigger warehouse in an industrial area.  As a result, shipping logistics and efficiency were greatly improved. Furthermore, there was now room for a small showroom as well!  Richard would now need some help. Luckily for him, he met Martin Pelletier, who had a strong background in Home Automation— a welcomed attribute in filling the new position. Not long after, William, Richard’s son, having a strong interest in Hi-Fi audio as well, joined the company. With his addition to the team, Quebec Acoustique’s fields of expertise now covered Home Theater, Home Automation, and Hi-Fi stereo systems!

A couple of years later, Quebec Acoustique’s team moved again into another new space, still in Blainville, with a much larger warehouse for stocking a large quantity of home automation gear.  Thanks to this move, Quebec Acoustique is now able to offer multiple sound rooms that can offer more diverse demo possibilities.  Today, Quebec Acoustique is composed of a team of seven awesome guys and consummate sales and installation professionals, whose dedication is to offer the best possible personal experience, customer service, and satisfaction.

Over the past 3 to 4 years, Quebec Acoustique has brought in many well-known audio and video brands including Nordost, Naim, Rega, Dynaudio, NAD Master, Monitor Audio, SVS and many more, offering a wide price range for their customers to choose from. The staff is conscious that every home theater, home automation, and hi-fi system requires good cabling. Before adding Nordost to their offerings, I was told that everyone on the Quebec Acoustique team was familiar with Nordost’s great reputation around the world, and was excited at the prospect of carrying such a prestigious brand of cables and accessories.

Here’s what Richard, the owner said: ‘’We believe that great business comes from both the dealer and the manufacturer, and with Nordost’s incredible professionalism and knowledge, we can’t wait to introduce their products to our beloved customers! We’re looking forward on having a great relationship with Nordost!’’ … And the feeling is mutual!

The whole team at Nordost is very pleased to welcome Quebec Acoustique to the family, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

High Fidelity Reviews the QPOINT

Some reviews stand above the rest. That is exactly the case with Wojciech Pacuta’s article on the QPOINT in this month’s edition of High Fidelity magazine. In his review, he says that the QPOINT may be “one of the most valuable improvements to [a] system”. In reading this piece, you’ll get a detailed description of just what our Resonance Synchronizers bring to a system— including a deeper and more nuanced sound, and a treble that becomes fluid and better articulated.

“I treat the QPoint as a fully fledged device, as valuable as anti-vibration feet, a power strip, platforms, etc. These are not ‘additions’, but as important elements of the audio system as any other ones… it will appear that life is not possible without it. I have got used to it and to what it does to the sound of my player so fast and so strongly that I experienced physical pain when I was putting the device back into the box.” – Wojciech Pacuta, High Fidelity

It’s no wonder that Wojciech awarded the QPOINT the REDFingerprint Award!

You can now read Wojciech’s full review here: Nordost QPOINT — Resonance Synchronizer

You can find this review and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.


Nordost Playlist – October 2019

Nordost is lucky to have a wonderful team of representatives and product trainers who travel around the world educating and demonstrating the effects of Nordost’s products. As part of these demonstrations, it is our job to find an interesting and diverse selection of music to showcase our cables, power devices, sort system and accessories. Whether at shows, visiting our dealers and distributors or even in our own listening room in our headquarters in Holliston, we are constantly getting asked what music we are playing (or if our audience is not so bold to ask, we can see their Shazams working overtime). So we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share our favorite songs of the moment. Some may be classics, some may be brand new, some may not even be to your taste, but one thing is for sure …it’s all great music.

Here are some of the songs that we will have on rotation this October.

You can now listen to our monthly playlist here:  TIDAL  |  SPOTIFY

  1. Stay High—Brittany Howard—Jaime
  2. Lean On Me—José James—Lean On Me
  3. Nameless—Dominique Fils-Aimé—Nameless
  4. I Used to Be Somebody—June Carter Cash—Press On
  5. Holy Terrain—FKA twigs, Future—Holy Terrain
  6. Walking in Memphis—Marc Cohn—Marc Cohn
  7. New Favorite—Alison Krauss & Union Station—New Favorite
  8. Honey and Smoke—Neko Case, k.d. lang, Laura Veirs—case/lang/veirs
  9. Crazy—Bill Frisell—East/West
  10. The Pure and the Damned—Oneohtrix Point Never, Iggy Pop—Good Time