Introducing the QBASE Reference

The performance caliber of a high-end audio system begins and ends with the AC that feeds it, making AC distribution one of the most impactful upgrades in hifi. With the new QBASE Reference, Nordost has now developed a power product that matches the caliber of their most preeminent cable ranges. The QBASE Reference is a multifaceted, reference-level AC distribution unit that operates as a filter-less alternative to power conditioners, delivering pristine power to audio components, without imparting its own sonic characteristics on systems or limiting AC current. 

For years, the hifi community has been misdirected into thinking that the only way to protect sensitive electronics from power fluctuations, electrical noise, and “dirty” power is through power conditioning. But at what cost? Power conditioners are a semi-redundant solution which hinder more than enhance audio performance. The same in-line power technology that allows a power conditioner to reduce noise simultaneously limits bandwidth, compresses dynamics, and contributes to sonic confusion. These are compromises Nordost refuses to make. 

Always searching for a solution, Nordost turned to its own QRT products, a family of transformative, parallel power products designed to eliminate noise, enhance dynamics, and bring cohesion to performance, while preserving an unimpeded AC path to system components. It was within those already highly acclaimed ideas that the jumping-off point for the QBASE Reference was conceived; the apex of Nordost’s already lofty accomplishments in the realm of AC power. 

At its core, the QBASE Reference, like Nordost’s other QBASE units, is a passive distribution component that uses star-earth topology to address the noise-inducing, conflicting flow of signal and ground paths within a hifi system. However, that’s just the beginning of what the QBASE Reference has to offer. This 10-outlet AC distribution unit offers numerous Nordost technologies within its mechanically tuned, extruded aluminum chassis, in order to bring a new realm of power optimization and audio refinement to your reference system.

QBASE Reference features include:

  • Star Earth Topology provides ground separation for all of the devices it serves, allowing stray voltages and eddy currents to be referred to one, central, ground point.

  • Specialized PCB design offers symmetrical Live/Neutral Topology as well as separate grounding (with Voltage directionality technology).

  • Multiple, internal QSINE and QWAVE devices can be tailored to the listener’s preference and the system’s specific needs. The QWAVE technology manipulates the sine wave by sampling the AC signal and inserting a series of pulsed frequencies back into the AC line to tame harmonics and overtones. QSINE technology enhances the AC signal by introducing a frequency field onto the circuit path that removes noise from the sine wave through a process similar to dithering.

  • Specifically optimized and modified QPOINT technology impacts both the PC boards and QSINE/QWAVE technology within the QBASE Reference, imparting an increased synergy between all internal elements, which enforces audible sonic cohesion.

  • Dual Primary Earth design allows for an optional, additional, switch-activated Primary Earth in setup scenarios that include dual mono preamps that use dual power cord inlets, to avoid different ground potentials on both channels.

  • Internal, solid core Micro Mono-Filament wiring throughout the device, increases transmission speeds.

  • Pre-QKORE ground design provides a completely separated ground path that leads to and directly complements the LVAP technology housed inside the QKORE.
  • Resonance control Sort support feet are four modified Sort Füt units, which work in perfect synergy with the mechanically-tuned chassis of the QBASE Reference, draining vibrations from the electrical and mechanical aspects of the device.
QBASE Reference – US
QBASE Reference – EU
QBASE Reference – AUS

The QBASE Reference is designed to conquer the imperfections and unpredictability of the AC signal, making it the ultimate solution for achieving unprecedented audio purity. Introducing it into your system will allow you to hear your music as it was intended to be experienced, without compromise.

Nordost Playlist – September 2023

Nordost products are designed to allow you to enjoy your favorite performances as they were intended to be heard. All of us here are passionate about great music, and want to share our passion with you. Each one of us has our own style… We listen to a wide variety of artists and genres but, in a way, we appreciate them all. We thought that we would share a few of the songs on our own personal playlists with you each month. Some may be classics, some may be brand new, some may not even be to your tastes, but we hope that there is something here for everyone.

Here are some of the songs that we will have on rotation this September.

You can now listen to our monthly playlist here:  TIDAL  | SPOTIFY  |  QOBUZ

  1. The Returner – Allison Russell – The Returner 
  2. Crucify Your Mind – Rodriguez – Cold Fact
  3. Loves Me Like a Rock – The Wailin’ Jennys – Fifteen
  4. Come Monday – Jimmy Buffett – Living And Dying In ¾ Time 
  5. Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin – A Few Small Repairs 
  6. Amsterdam – Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman
  7. Don’t Wait Too Long – Madeleine Peyroux – Careless Love 
  8. Ahora Quien – Salsa Version – Marc Anthony – Valio La Pena
  9. Because of You (2023) – k.d. lang – Because of You
  10. Keep Those Teardrops from Falling – Natalie Bergman – Keep Those Teardrops from Falling 

Dealer Spotlight: Kazoo Audio

By Mike Marko

John Ferry, of Kazoo Audio, is a true veteran of the Michigan audio scene. Kazoo is a bastion of audio bests in the suburban town of Portage, located outside of Kalamazoo, MI, which John operates alongside his business partner, Chris Zainea. Both Chris and John are dedicated to providing the perfect mix of top-tier audio equipment and service. In their search to find the best audio equipment to create the most memorable musical experiences, they found Nordost, and have been an exemplary Nordost dealer ever since.  

Before Kazoo Audio was born, John operated out of the former Classic Stereo, which served the audiophiles of Michigan until the financial crisis of 2008/2009 forced Classic out of business. However, after being brought to tears by an especially powerful musical performance in Nashville with his daughter, John realized the importance of creating an emotional, musical connection in the home. He was inspired to get back into the business, and two months later, Kazoo Audio was open!

John and Chris moved to their current location in 2016. They designed the shop around the love of music, staying true to their chosen mantra: “Where Music Matters”. 

When you enter the store, you are greeted by a beautiful selection of equipment. Not to mention, superior service and knowledge from the Kazoo Audio team. As you move through the store, you will find a wide selection in price and performance levels, with several systems on display for audition. As an added bonus, most of the systems feature Nordost cabling and power products.

At Kazzoo, they pride themselves on offering an honest and professional presentation of audio systems in both two-channel systems and home theater set-ups. Kazoo has a little something for audio enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

If you find yourself in the Kalamazoo/Portage area, be sure to stop in for an experience you won’t soon forget.