AXPONA 2022 Recap

It was so good to finally be back at AXPONA for an amazing hifi show! This year, we were happy to treat attendees to a world class reference system featuring our Odin 2 cables. Feedback from the show has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be happier with the sound we were able to create with our partners Stenhiem, VTL, Wadax, and VPI. As reviewer Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile told his readers, “For huge sound in a huge room, you needed to look no further”.

Thank you to all of our friends in the industry who chose to showcase their products with the help of Nordost cables and power products. We’d like to give a special thank you to the show-goers who attended the Nordost demos in the Holm Audio room, who took the time to learn, first hand, how quality cables can make a difference in a home sound system.

Please enjoy these photos from the show!

Nordost’s main room featured our Odin 2 cables alongside products from Stenheim, VTL, Wadax, and VPI:

In Holm Audio’s Nordost Demo Room, Michael Taylor and Amy Hansen wowed listeners with our cable comparisons!

Rhapsody Audio’s room featured our Odin 2 Supreme Reference Cables:

Sonner Audio’s room featured our Heimdall 2 cables:

JS Audio showcased original WAMM speakers with our Valhalla 2 Reference cables:

Holm Audio’s room with Hegel featured our Frey 2 cables:

Holm Audio’s NAD, DALI room featured a collection of our Norse 2 family of cables:

Grandinote’s room featured our Odin and Odin 2 cables:

Dealer Spotlight: Kennedy Hi-Fi

By Bruno de Lorimier

Kennedy Hi-Fi, situated on Hwy 7 in Markham, Ontario is one of our newest partners.  Owner Markus Bundze and his staff have been helping home and business owners with their audio, video and automation needs for close to 30 years.

I met Markus as a young lad in his early twenties, back in the ’90s when he was just starting out in this industry of ours and learning the ropes at the original store.  The old store was much more modest than the current one and was located on Kennedy Road, hence the name Kennedy Hi-Fi.  Markus quickly acquired an in-depth product knowledge, as well as a passion for the AV business that I always attributed to his inquisitive nature, combined with a genuine desire to perfect his skills and to ultimately strive to deliver the best service.  He and his team are committed to providing customers with an experience they won’t soon forget.  The store is a well-oiled machine, where every detail is important and every team member ads to the overall experience. You will rarely find a system that isn’t fully wired and ready for a demo. All members of the Kennedy Hi-Fi team are consummate professionals devoted to giving the best advice, not on what they like, but more importantly on what will work best for each individual client and their respective budget.

Kennedy Hi-Fi prides itself on constantly seeking the best brands and updating their full range of products in order to offer, design, pre-wire and install systems that their customers will be proud to own and to show off. Thus the addition of Nordost, which they view as an extremely well-regarded name in the cable industry that offers unique sound and technology in contrast with the other brands of cables on display.   As Kennedy Hi-Fi puts, offering Nordost “gives the customer another degree of flexibility in pursuing their perfect sound.”  Nordost also complements very well with the impressive list of other fine brands you will find in their showrooms:  Moon by Simaudio, Focal, Audiovector, Fezz Audio, JL Audio, Klipsch, Naim, Oracle Audio, Parasound, Primaluna, PS Audio, Project, and Rega, to name a few.

If you are looking for a multi-room custom installation, their team of professionals are very well equipped to make your home entertainment dreams come true: full automation, lighting, video, audio, etc… both for indoor and outdoor. They pretty much do it all!  As Markus would say, “No job is too big or too small for Kennedy Hi-Fi.”

The many great customer reviews they continue to receive are a true testament to the kind of service you can expect to get from these guys.  Just take a few minutes to see for yourself on their social media platforms. 

Whether you’re in the market to acquire a new piece of gear in the near or distant future, I strongly encourage you to pay a visit to Kennedy Hi-Fi and let Markus, Sean, or Chris show you around, and perhaps indulge them in giving you a demo for a taste of their “savoir faire”. 

Nordost is headed back to AXPONA in Chicago!

After a long hiatus, it’s time to go back to AXPONA! Come and see Nordost April 22nd-24th, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, Chicago in the Schaumburg F room.  We are bringing together some of the leading brands of in the industry to give Axpona attendees a truly world-class listening experience. With top-of-the line equipment from Stenheim, VTL, Wadax, VPI, and of course, Nordost, you don’t want to miss this impressive reference system. In addition to our showcase system in Schaumburg F, featuring a full loom of our Odin 2 cables, Nordost will also be performing our renowned live demonstrations and product comparisons in room 739. It’s been a long time since we have been able to visit the AXPONA audience in Chicago, and we can’t wait to see you all again!

Nordost Playlist – April 2022

Nordost products are designed to allow you to enjoy your favorite performances as they were intended to be heard. All of us here are passionate about great music, and want to share our passion with you. Each one of us has our own style… We listen to a wide variety of artists and genres but, in a way, we appreciate them all. We thought that we would share a few of the songs on our own personal playlists with you each month. Some may be classics, some may be brand new, some may not even be to your tastes, but we hope that there is something here for everyone.

Here are some of the songs that we will have on rotation this April.

You can now listen to our monthly playlist here:  TIDAL  | SPOTIFY  |  QOBUZ

  1. Satellite Man—Satellite and the Harpoonist—Satellite Man
  2. Summer Nights—Lonnie Liston Smith, The Cosmic Echoes—Visions of a New World
  3. Love You Inside and Out—Pat Van Dyke, Melinda Camille—Nautilus / Love You Inside and Out
  4. All About You—Sophie Zelmani—Soul
  5. Flat Beat—Mr. Oizo—Flat Beat
  6. It Happens Suddenly—Kaito—Trust
  7. One of These Days—Bedouine—Bedouine (Deluxe)
  8. Le soleil levant (house of the rising sun)—pijama land—le soleil levant (house of the rising sun)
  9. RHODODENDRON—Hurray For The Riff Raff—LIFE ON EARTH
  10. Today—Tom Scott, California Dreamers—The Honeysuckle Breeze