Nordost Customer Testimonial

Nordost is always thrilled to receive and share glowing reviews from journalists and experts in the industry. However, when we get testimonials from our devoted and satisfied customers, it means that much more! Thank you to Paul from North Carolina, who shared his journey with Nordost products, and what they have done for his stellar system!

Unknown-2“I have always considered an audio system as a collection of components – and that consideration includes cables. I see them as such an important part of an audio system that their use can either elevate, or denigrate a system’s sonic performance.

When I tried my first Nordost cable, a Tyr 2 speaker cable, I was astonished at how the sonic presentation was improved. Better definition and clarity, better dynamics and impact, lower more powerful bass— these improvements were most noticeable.

Eventually, I decided to populate the entire cable loom exclusively with Nordost products. Looking beyond cabling, I make extensive use of the QRT product line. I even replaced a $5,000.00 power conditioner with a QX4 power purifier and a QB8 power distribution block.

Today, my system is comprised of Nordost cables and power management products exclusively. On the digital side, all of the interconnects are Odin, from the music server to the amp. On analog, Valhalla 2 from the tonearm cable to the preamp and Odin to the amp. Power cords are about half Valhalla 2 and Odin.  I recently upgraded the speaker cables to Odin 2 and the improvements they yielded were startling.

What I see in Nordost cables is an exceptionally fast product that remains true to the musical signal. By the same token, they are incredibly revealing of transient detail. I think their best attribute is that they in no way hinder other upgrades, such as new speakers or a component. If one such upgrade is undertaken, the user can rest assured that the cable will not stand in the way.

I think that Nordost products come as close as any cable product I have tried in accomplishing what every cable should be trying to do – not change the signal in any way. Put differently, they do a great job of doing absolutely nothing.”

Paul is a happy customer of Liquid HiFi in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What’s your Nordost story?