Introducing The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable

Nordost is proud to introduce the new Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable, further expanding the most advanced range in the Norse 2 Family. The Tyr 2 Range is truly a unique place in the Nordost line-up, taking reference quality products and making them available for an unbeatable value. Now this same principal can be applied to computer audio. Due to the increasing amounts of data and information being processed through music servers and hard-drive storage systems, as well as the rising popularity of high-resolution audio downloads, the use of hifi audio-specific USB cables is critical to the fidelity of sound reproduction. By utilizing premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and precision craftsmanship, the Tyr 2 USB delivers the ultimate level of performance, and is guaranteed to take your computer audio system to the next level.


The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is constructed using 4×20 AWG solid core, silver-plated, oxygen free copper conductors. Implementing a solid core design is essential when working with a cable of this caliber, completely eliminating the negative effects of strand interaction and skin effect. Each solid core conductor is then wrapped in Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology before being enclosed in extruded FEP, which lowers the capacitance of the cable, both increasing signal speed and bandwidth.

The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable arranges its conductors in a precise, twisted, double helix geometry in order to ensure characteristic impedance, minimize cross-talk, and reduce noise. To even further reduce noise, and protect the USB signal path from any external interference, Nordost employs a dual-layer, silver foil jacket and silver braided shield. Finally, before being terminated with gold-plated, fully shielded connectors, the Tyr 2 USB is cut to mechanically tuned lengths, which reduce internal microphonics and high-frequency impedance resonance.

As with all Nordost products, the Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is handmade in the USA, ensuring a high level of production quality and the extreme precision necessary to manufacture USB cables capable of overcoming jitter and timing errors. The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is the solution you need in order to achieve the superb sound staging, wide dynamic range, and precise timing you have been looking for in computer audio.

The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 is now available for purchase at select Nordost dealers, worldwide. To find the Nordost dealer nearest you, visit the “Where to Buy” page on

Introducing the SORT LIFT!


Sort Lift_hires

Nordost’s Sort Lift® is the preeminent cable support in the consumer electronics industry, and is the latest addition to our Sort System. By utilizing a patent pending floating spring design, the Sort Lift® enhances the sonic performance of loudspeaker cables, power cords, and interconnects, by minimizing the points of contact that cables make with the ground and reducing boundary effects, without negatively affecting the resonant properties of the cables themselves.

The Sort Lift® is composed of two integral components: the base and the springs. The base is a stable, anodized, aluminum disk, designed to inhibit any transference of electrical charge from the floor to the cable and eliminate static build-up on the dielectric itself. This base supports the proprietary Floating Spring System. The Floating Spring System uses a flexible, titanium alloy spring-wire, which makes up both the support wings and tension wire supports. In both elements, the alloy wire is coated in FEP, mirroring the design of Nordost cables and making the supports an extension of the cable jacket, eliminating any electrical interference, while allowing the cables to maintain their natural resonance properties.

Sort Lifts® are provided in packs of two. They are intended to be spaced between 0.5 and 1 meter apart in distance, so that the cable does not come in contact with the floor. The spacing may depend on the weight and flexibility of the cable being supported. While designed to be used primarily with Nordost cables, any audio cable will benefit from using the Sort Lift®. Noticeable effects include an elevated sound stage, improved dynamic range, increased detail in low frequency reproductions and more natural timbre to the sound.

Sort Lifts with cable_hires

•  Proprietary Floating Spring System uses titanium alloy and FEP coating

•  Anodized aluminum base

•  Reduces boundary effects and electrical interference

•  Inhibits transference of electrical charge and rids the dielectric of static build-up

•  Elevates sound stage, improves dynamic range, and increases detail in low frequency reproductions

sort lift stragint on_hires

Introducing the Ax Angel Microphone Cable and Loudspeaker Cable


lg-Ax Angel Microphone Cable_XLRs

In order to produce a high quality reproduction of sound, both for stage as well as in recording scenarios, it is extremely critical that the microphone cable being used can accurately and effortlessly convey the range in frequency, dynamics, and emotion of the music and vocals being performed. The Ax Angel Microphone Cable guarantees the bandwidth and transfer speeds necessary to generate that much coveted, authentic sound. The Ax Angel Microphone cable is constructed using 4 x 24 AWG stranded, OFC conductors, which have been wrapped in Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology. They are then enclosed in a layer of extruded, high performance FEP and protected with a braided shield. As an added precaution against the strain microphone cables are subjected to from constant plugging and unplugging, Nordost has added an Aramid Fiber Strength Member to its cable design. This strength member not only ruggedizes the cable by increasing its mechanical integrity, but the resonating properties of Aramid fibers also enhance sound quality.

The standard option for the Ax Angel Microphone Cable is female XLR to male XLR. However Nordost’s microphone cable is also available in specialized terminations including 1/4 inch mono phono, 1/4 inch stereo phono and RCA terminations.

mic 2



lg-Ax Angel Speaker Cable_Phono to Phono

The Ax Angel Loudspeaker Cable is comprised of two, stranded, 16 gauge OFC conductors. What sets this speaker cable apart from any other in the Pro Audio market? The Ax Angel Speaker Cable is improved exponentially thanks to Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology. First developed for Nordost’s reference-level hifi audio cables, Mono-Filament technology has revolutionized sonic transmission.

In an ideal world, conductors would be completely suspended in air (the best known dielectric). In a real-world application, however, this is an unrealistic possibility. Nordost’s Mono- Filament technology is the only solution that combines the fast transmission speed of an air dielectric with the flexibility needed in an audio cable. By winding a mono-filament strand of FEP around each conductor before enclosing both in an FEP extrusion, only a small portion of the conductor is making

contact with the FEP insulation, suspending it in a virtual air- dielectric. This air gap reduces the insulation contact by 80% and guarantees the low capacitance, resistance and inductance needed in order to transmit audio signals with virtually no loss in information.

The Ax Angel Speaker Cable is available with both 1/4 inch phono and Speakon connectors to accommodate the most common terminations needed in a Pro Audio application.


Introducing the Blue Heaven Headphone Cable

lg-Blue Heaven Headphone Cable_With HeadphonesDue to all the success that our Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable has received, Nordost is answering consumer demands by providing a lower-priced solution! The Blue Heaven Headphone Cable, is a profound improvement over the sub-standard, detachable wire provided with many headphones. Using our Micro Mono-Filament, Litz construction, FEP extrusion and an Aramid fiber strength member, the Blue Heaven Headphone Cable is the best interface for mid to high level headphones. Unlike the Heimdall 2 version, Nordost’s newest headphone cable is terminated with a 3.5mm stereo mini plug and is provided with a threaded, 3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/4in) stereo phono adapter that easily and securely screws onto the original termination. The Blue Heaven Headphone Cable is compatible with many popular headphones on the market, and is available in 1.25m and 2m lengths.

Blue Heaven Headphone Cable_Rig

Learn More About The Blue Heaven Headphone Cable Here


Introducing Nordost Ethernet Cables!

Ethernet Cables_blog

Nordost is further broadening its range of digital cables by introducing the Blue Heaven and Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cables to their lineup. These cables are the solution that digitally-driven hifi enthusiasts have been waiting for, allowing Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and music streaming to be fully integrated into a hifi system while improving its sonic performance. These are fully shielded cables, terminated with high quality 8P8C/RJ45 connectors. Nordost’s new Ethernet cables meet the demands for high-speed data and increased bandwidth, achieving speeds of up to 600 MHz for the Blue Heaven, and 1000 MHz for the Heimdall 2.

Learn more here:

Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable

Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable


Introducing the Tyr 2 Digital Interconnect

Digital signal transfer is one of the most delicate processes in hifi. Due to their fragile nature,digital signals rely on exacting impedance matching and precisely defined transmission standards (S/PDIF and AES/EBU) in order to achieve accurate data transfer. Without these strict transmission standards it would be impossible to yield a satisfactory performance level from today’s high-resolution digital audio servers. However, several supposedly dedicated digital cables deviate significantly from these exacting impedance characteristics, resulting in severe digital degradation—not Tyr 2.

Lg-Tyr 2-Digital-75 Ohm

Tyr 2 S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital leads are produced using cutting-edge technology, adherence to standards, and precision in workmanship. This extra attention given to our cables during the production phase guarantees the tight tolerance of characteristic impedance necessary to ensure greater musical detail, virtually unimpeded by timing errors or destructive jitter. At their base, both the 75 Ohm and 110 Ohm cables are constructed using silver-plated, solid core, conductors which are suspended in Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament technology, creating a virtual air dielectric. They also both benefit from the implementation of mechanically tuned lengths, which have been meticulously calculated to reduce internal microphony and high frequency impedance resonance in the cable. The combination of these technologies yields cables with the extreme bandwith necessary to accomplish zero-loss data transfer.

Lg-Tyr 2-Digital-110 Ohm

The function of these two cables is dictated by their differences in design and build. Tyr 2 75 Ohm S/PDIF Digital Interconnects employ a coaxial design and are terminated with gold-plated Neutrik BNC connectors for correct impedance matching. All Tyr 2 75 Ohm Interconnects are supplied with gold-plated RCA adapters to accommodate their function. Tyr 2 110 Ohm AES/EBU Digital Interconnects use a twinaxial design and are terminated with gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors, ensuring that they maintain constant impedance throughout the cabling, as well as across terminations.

Nordost’s Tyr 2 Digital Interconnects are designed, manufactured, and terminated in the USA. Both the S/PDIF and AES/EBU versions start at one meter lengths and are available in additional half-meter increments.


75 Ohm S/PDIF:

• Coaxial Design

• 1 X18 AWG Conductor

• Dual Mono-Filament

• Mechanically Tuned

• Gold-plated True 75 Ohm Neutrik BNC Connectors

• Gold-plated BNC-RCA Adapters

• Handcrafted in the USA


110 Ohm AES/EBU:

• Twinaxial Design

• 2 X19 AWG Conductors

• Dual Mono-Filament

• Mechanically Tuned

• Gold-plated True 110 Ohm Neutrik XLR Connectors

• Handcrafted in the USA

Nordost’s new QLINE Ground Wire

Nordost is proud to introduce the newest addition to the QRT range of power products: the QLINE Ground Wire. Nordost’s QLINE is the most effective method to achieve a solid secondary ground for your hifi audio system. This unique and effective ground wire will not only increase the size and depth of your soundstage, but will reduce the sonic pollution being fed to your audio system, and eliminate the noise generated by the overlapping of multiple circuits or ground loops that are created within electrical circuits.

The QLINE is constructed with a 231 strand, 10 AWG, plated conductor and uses Nordost’s patented Micro Mono-Filament technology, combined with extruded FEP insulation. The QRT Ground Wire serves as the missing link needed to complete the circuit — whether grounding from device to device or connecting the QBASE ground post to a designated, external ground rod or grounding box through its unique, low resistance path.

 As is true with all of Nordost’s QRT power products, the QLINE is designed to alleviate the impact of poor quality AC power on your sensitive electronics. By limiting RFI and timing errors associated with the AC line, it brings AC power closer to the desired “distortion-less condition”. Nordost’s QLINE is best used in conjunction with the rest of the QRT range, and will result in a more discernable soundstage, greater dynamic range and a lower noise floor for your system.

 Nordost’s QRT Ground Wire is available in multiple lengths with air-tight, waterproof terminations in order to accommodate your specific needs. Installing a designated ground for your hifi system is the most efficient and direct approach to eliminate ground loops and AC hum. However, it is important to consult a local electrician to ensure that the improvements you make to your sound system remain to code.lg-QRT-QLINE Ground Wire


Nordost’s New Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable

Computer Audio has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Recently, audiophiles have seized the opportunity to streamline the process in which they enjoy music by integrating music servers and DACs into their hifi systems. However, in order to maintain, and even enhance, the performance of your system, it is important not to neglect any aspect of your system’s cabling. The Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable is the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts trying to accommodate DACs that require micro-B and mini-B connectors.

lg-Purple Flare-USB-micro BThe new Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable combines OFC conductors with Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion technology, greatly reducing dielectric properties in order to increase signal speeds and ensure both electrical and sonic integrity. This double-shielded cable provides the detailed and dynamic results that music servers and DACs are capable of. Audiophiles will be amazed at the amazing improvements that can be achieved at this modest price point.

purple flare USB terminations_1

The fully shielded, metal jacket connectors used on the Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable guarantee the utmost accuracy in signal transfer. Purpose built to serve any DAC or music server, the Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable is available with standard-A to standard-B, micro-B, or mini-B terminations.

Digital cables make a difference, and USBs are no exception. The Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data cable is the most efficient and cost-effective digital cable, capable of delivering the ones and zeroes with maximum precision. With this cable in your setup, you will find a lift in your system that is simply not possible when using its stock counterparts.

  • 4 x 28 AWG OFC conductors
  • High performance, low dielectric FEP insulation
  • Double-shielded braid
  • Fully shielded, metal jacket connectors
  • Handcrafted in the USA


Nordost Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable



Nordost’s New 4K UHD Cables

Nordost’s 4K UHD cables are the first in the industry that allow customers to experience the high frame rates and Deep Color promised from their 4K compatible components.

Heimdall 2 4K UHD style

The design philosophy of Nordost’s 4K UHD Cables, as well as the materials used in their construction, maximize high speed digital signaling, while eliminating incessant and damaging factors such as jitter, timing errors and crosstalk. Both the Valhalla 2 and Heimdall 2 4K use Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology, increasing the velocity of propagation by 20%, allowing the current to travel along the conductor’s surface with virtually no impedance. Nordost’s 4K UHD cables are arranged in a twin-axial, shielded pair design. This design topology allows for shorter and more accurate wire lengths, which in turn reduces errors, while shielding overcomes any crosstalk issues. The Valhalla 2 4K cable even increases its gauge size, which allows it to surpass flow standards and carry Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) beyond the critical speeds necessary to achieve excellent data transfer.

lg-Heimdall 2-4k UHD lg-valhalla 2-4k UHD

Thanks to new, groundbreaking proprietary electronics, Nordost is able to guarantee the same excellent results at longer cable lengths.  The Valhalla 2 4K cable can reach up to a staggering 15 meters. All active circuitry implemented into our cabling is individually programmed and tested to ensure that 4K bandwidth requirements surpass the highest standards as defined by DPL Labs.

All Valhalla 2 and Heimdall 2 4K UHD Cables are handmade in Nordost’s Massachusetts-based factory. Nordost is the only cable manufacturer with the ability to design each function of the UHD interface, assemble, and test the performance of every 4K UHD cable produced. By keeping the production of this cable in the USA, Nordost can ensure premium quality and an adherence to specification standards that is impossible for companies that outsource their manufacturing.

Learn More:


Heimdall 2 4K


Valhalla 2 4K


Nordost launches the Odin 2 Supreme Reference series!

Odin 2 Series_2

Yesterday, Nordost launched its newest Supreme Reference Series Odin 2 at High End 2015. The highly anticipated Odin 2 Range is truly the most exceptional hifi audio cable range in the consumer electronics market. After years of extensive research and development, the new Odin 2 Cables integrate all of the advancements in cable technology and procedures that Nordost has learned since the introduction of the first iteration of Odin nearly a decade ago. The new Odin 2 Range consists of analog, digital, and tonearm interconnects, as well as loudspeaker, bi-wire jumper and power cables. Each cable type uses Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament process, revolutionary Total Signal Control technology, and innovative, proprietary HOLO:PLUG® connectors in order to ensure a transformative effect on hifi sound systems.


Odin 2 Power Cords

The Odin 2 Power Cord is constructed with seven silver-plated, close tolerance, 14 AWG 99.999999% oxygen free copper conductors. Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament technology creates a virtual air dielectric between the extruded FEP insulation and each individual conductor. Nordost’s TSC technology is then carried throughout the cable and into its purpose-built, 100% shielded, HOLO:PLUG® connector. Odin 2 Power Cords are available with HOLO:PLUG® US (Nema), EU (Schuko), AUS or UK to Odin 2 HOLO:PLUG® IEC-C15 or IEC-C19 terminations.

Odin 2 Analog Interconnects

Odin 2 Analog Interconnects consist of ten silver-plated, 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, each utilizing proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology and precise FEP extrusion. Odin 2 phono and balanced interconnects are also constructed using purpose built low mass, dual ring HOLO:PLUG® RCA or XLR connectors which reduce vibrations and eddy currents when mated to components.

lg-Odin 2-TonearmFor turntable users, Nordost has introduced a dedicated tonearm cable consisting of four silver-plated, solid core conductors wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension and protected by Nordost’s Total Signal Control technology. These four TSC tubes are precisely arranged around a dedicated ground wire. Odin 2 Tonearm Cables are terminated with customized, extremely low mass HOLO:PLUG® connectors, weighing less than half the mass of conventional Din connectors, including straight or 90º Din, XLR and RCA.

lg-Odin 2-Digital Interconnect-110 OhmOdin 2 Digital Cables ensure the impedance matching necessary for S/PDIF and AES/EBU leads. The 75 Ohm cable consists of a single, co-axial, silver-plated, solid core conductor. The 110 Ohm cable is constructed with two silver-plated conductors placed in a twin-axial design. Both Odin 2 Digital Interconnects use Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament and TSC technologies and are terminated with Nordost’s purpose-built XLR and BNC HOLO:PLUG® connectors, elevating these cables to a level never before achieved by digital leads. (The 75 Ohm S/PDIF digital cable is supplied with a gold plated BNC/RCA adapter)

Odin 2 Speaker Cable

Odin 2 Loudspeaker Cables use 26 silver-plated, solid core conductors. Each conductor takes advantage of Nordost’s Dual Mono-Filament technology and is encased in a high purity class 1.003 FEP extrusion. The conductors are carefully arranged and precisely spaced on either side of a hollow inner core in order to provide a perfect mechanical interface along the length of the cable. The Odin 2 Bi-Wire Jumper has an identical construction, making it the perfect extension to accommodate bi-wire speakers while maintaining a consistent sonic signature throughout an entire sound system.  Both Odin 2 Loudspeaker and Bi-Wire Jumper Cables are terminated with Nordost’s gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® spade and Z-plug banana connectors to ensure maximum surface contact and signal transfer.

Odin 2 Series_3Joe Reynolds, President of Nordost, announces, “We are very excited about the launch of Odin 2, which is a major improvement over our flagship Odin cables. The introduction of our patented HOLO:PLUG® technology lifts this cable to a new pinnacle of performance. We have applied all of the knowledge we have acquired over many years of research and development to offer the most state-of-the-art cable solution possible.The response from our beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait to finally introduce Odin 2 into the market.”

Nordost’s newest addition to their Supreme Reference Series will unleash every facet of a live performance and allow listeners to fully immerse themselves in a complete and pure musical experience. Odin 2 doesn’t just set the standard; it blows the standards away.

Odin 2 Series_1